Entry Eight: A Year of Travel, A Year of Haikus

新年快乐 – Xīnnián kuàilè !!!

Happy New Year!!!

I just figured out that the Mandarin word for fast – 快 – kuài – is put with a word for happy – 乐 – – to make a wishing happy (like Happy birthday! Happy Christmas!)

So a literal translation of Happy New Year in Chinese could be, “fast happy new year!” 

To commemorate 2018, I have attempted haikus for every one of the places I spent time in this past year. They are accompanied by photos and are more or less in chronological order. May this next year be just as full, fast, and happy.

Montreal (January)

Tights, Jeans, Socks – Two Pair

Iced nights, Lattice gates, Fries

With Mayonnaise Meat

Montreal, January 2018

Québec City

Les rues sont petites

Like France, but the river breaks

Sauvage, before time

Québec City, January 2018


Blue houses, Sarah

Harvard in three feet of Snow

Chilled bookshops, Hot tea

Cambridge, Massachusettes, January 2018


Ace Hardware’s Candle

Collection is magic to be-

Hold, then Happy Road

Goffstown, New Hampshire – Behind the Ace Hardware – January 2018 

Beverly, Massachusettes

Bright Blue sings the Sea

Soprano Jolt, calm graves, child’s

Toys, Tall Narrow House

Beverly, Massachusettes


Sun wide streets, Jeeps with

Roof racks, this place collects joy,

Weed, bros, vape cowboys

This picture is from September 2017, Denver (I guess I don’t take pictures every time I go home)

Winter Park, Colorado (Hometown) 

I have no words left

Just love scented Sage and Pine

Mountain kids get it

Backroad between Fraser and Winter Park, March 2018

Los Angeles (The Valley)

Tell me what you will

The sun makes it glamorous

Dry buildings get tan

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 12.02.50 AM
The only footage I managed to get in the valley: my legs haha. April 2018

Joshua Tree, California (For Ariana) 

The best part is you,

Cheap tent, under our laughter

We hear the stars breathe

My phone died just after I snapped this. Joshua Tree, April 2018

NYC (Bushwick)

Birds black swirl the sky

Bushwick sunsets wax purple

Roar, silver train, Swoon

Bushwick, July 2018

Hanalei, Hawaii

Em’rald, Forest, Fern

This small corner of the earth

Salted waves, bare feet

Hanalei, July 2018

Fire Island

One stretch of water

Navy, New York’s Forgotten

Just gold summer’s eve

On the Ferry back from Fire Island, August 2018


Slate water ripples

Green in the heat, silver in

Cold, Nights pulse Neon lights

From my first night walking in Ningbo, September 2018


Off the beaten path

A hike without a staircase

Bamboo remembers

Outside Beilun, November 2018


Maybe China’s fast

But her gardens breathe slow, they

Hover on water

Suzhou, November 2018


Oranges, Sugarcane

Cement skies, a High Brick Wall

Trees, me, Pedicab

The Great Wall of Linhai, December 2018


Mammoth Pristine Streets

Morning: She sells me a bun

Night: She stands asleep

The freshest veggie bun I’ve eaten in China, Shanghai December 2018





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